We want you to completely rely on us to process your Payroll and Payroll taxes in Manassas, VA. Our services are here to make your life and the operation of your business easier. Think of us as not only an alliance or partner, but also an extension of your office. Your virtual payroll branch. The behind the scene back office that confidentially and quietly handles all the headaches that come with payroll. Anything that has to do with processing payroll or taxes, simply toss it over to our in-box and forget about it! We’ll take care of it professionally, accurately, and timely

Services We Offer

Methods of Payroll Input

Methods of Payroll input

Choose the easiest and most convenient way method of payroll input.  As your business changes you can choose the method that best suits your needs.



Remote PC entry

Excel Spreadsheet via email

Timesheet drop off or Courier pick up

Online entry via internet – coming soon


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View Choice


ViewChoice offers the ultimate in convenience at your fingertips. We provide you with a CD that contains a copy of every payroll report, check stubs, W-2’s, 1099 earnings record, tax returns that was processed and provided to you. This provides an excellent off-site record and archival resource as well as an easy lookup and print tool when you need to view and search past payroll records.

Annual Check

Reports/Check stubs via email each pay

Reports/Check stubs on the web – coming soon 

Convert information and setup automatic distribution – coming soon

Print live checks and vouchers – coming soon

Download Software – coming soon

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Annual Reporting

Annual Reporting

We produce everything you need for annual reporting including: W-2’s, W-3’s, 1099’s, 1096’s, W-2 prelist report, 940 and 940 ez, 8027, 945 and all state and local W-3 reconciliation. Additionally, we will complete W-2 and 1099 Federal magnetic media filing to the Social Security Administration and to all states

W-2 Tape List for selected states

1099 Processing and Printing

Form 940 Federal Unemployment Form

Magnetic Media Preparation and filing

W-2 Preview Report

State and Local W-3 Facsimiles

Annual Local Tax Reports

 Form 8027 Tip Allocation Worksheet – coming soon 

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Tax Services

Tax Services

Whether you want to completely delegate to us the burdensome task of paying and reporting taxes or maintain full control over tax payments and let us complete all the paperwork for you, you have the choice.

Tax Alert Service

Complete Tax, Pay and File Service

EFTPS Tax Deposit Service from Your Account

W-2 / W-3 Printing and Magnetic Media filing – coming soon

1099-MISC and 1099-R Printing and Magnetic Media filing – coming soon

Quarterly Wage Detail Magnetic Media filing – coming soon


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Special Features

Special Features

We offer a full range of special features—add-on employer services for you and your employees—because we know that different businesses have unique requirements.

General Ledger Reporting

User Defined, Additional Employee Personnel Data Fields

On site Training

On Site Installation

Restaurant Payroll Processing

Payroll Detail File Exports – coming soon

Custom Employee Data file Exports – coming soon

State Child Support EFT Payments – coming soon 

Worker’s Compensation Calculation and Impounding – coming soon

See here for other services we can offer.

 New Hire Reporting

Payment Services


Payment and Reporting to Third Parties

Automatic Check Signing

Quarterly Reporting

 Pay as you go Worker’s Comp Insurance coming soon

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Support Products

Support Products

We offer a complete line of payroll processing support products to make your life easier and your business more profitable

Management Reports

Employee Time Card and Name/Address Label Printing

From-To Check History Reporting

From-To Custom Reporting

MICR Toner

Time Clock Badges

Check Envelops

Report Binders – coming soon

Self-Seal Checks – coming soon 

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Why Outsource?

Calculating and filing of payroll taxes can be challenging, especially researching, managing, and maintaining changes in laws and deductions across federal, state and local municipalities. In addition, you need staff training in payroll processes. Depending upon your specific needs and the complexity of your payroll, a Payroll Service Bureau may be your best option.

We can manage your payroll exclusively or help you with other administrative business functions such as human resources or time and attendance. We integrate these processes into our payroll processing to maximize the time and minimize the expense associated in managing these functions. This keeps your costs to a minimum while providing you with optimum flexibility to operate your business.

Since our core business is to manage payroll, you can feel confident that your payroll and tax filings will be calculated accurately and your company’s information will be treated confidentially. And imagine how convenient it will be to pass along all of the payroll information for someone else to manage!


Accounting & Booking

Are you interested in our Accounting & Booking Services that we offer.

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